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QuIRC is a stable and powerful IRC client. It features a clean interface that scales well to many servers and channels. It includes many features that power users will appreciate. It contains advanced scripting facilities powered by Tcl, accompanied by Tk. It has been called by some what XiRCON should have been, and by others, simply great.


(01/13/18) QuIRC 0.9.84 is out. It features fixes to make it compile with gcc 3.3 and Tcl/Tk 8.4. It will also highlight a window when your nick appears in it.

(10/02/16) QuIRC 0.9.83 is out. It contains a fix for a bug that causes QuIRC to crash on nicknames longer than 30 characters.

(07/28/15) QuIRC 0.9.82 is out, featuring Mouse Wheel support and more customizable browser support.

(04/15/14) In quite possibly the fastest release cycle ever, here's 0.9.81 with various updates.

(04/15/14) Greetings folks. I have resurected the site after long last. I have made some updates to QuIRC as well, and have released what can only be called QuIRC 0.9.80. It's not perfect, but it's the best QuIRC out there, so have fun! :)

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  • Newest release is 0.9.17.

  • If you've got a script or a theme that you'd like put on the QuIRC page, please send it to me with either an accompanying text file description if it's a script tarball or tcl, or a screenshot if it's a theme.

  • Some people have been having problems with features being missing after upgrading QuIRC. If you have run quirc.inst and are still suffering, there are a couple of possible options. The most extreme solution being to delete dynamic.tcl, which would start you over with fresh settings. Most often though, the problem is just a script file being missing from either the default_globalscripts or default_scripts variables. Compare the values in your client with those in variables.tcl and add any necessary scripts. As for recent changes of that nature, popups.tcl was added to default_globalscripts.

  • For other news, see the NEWS file.

    NOTE: Please read the NEWS file for the version you download. It is usually not very long, and if there are important issues that need addressed, they will be written there.

    Get Source.
    NOTE: If you get the source you will need to have Tcl / Tk 8.x installed.


    Here is the README for more information about the client.

    Here is the ChangeLog.

    Here is the FAQ.

    QuIRC is under the GPL license. See COPYING for details.

    Here is a WindowMaker Theme and a 32x32 icon for QuIRC made by Dinkmeister. Direct any responses you may have in his general direction :)